ZWheelz was started in 2007 by Gary Krysztopik; an outdoor enthusiast and concerned citizen.  He is an Electrical Engineer with a BSEE from the University of Connecticut.   With 23 years of experience in a variety of engineering disciplines, he became a senior Systems Engineer at a Navy science lab.  He is also an active Experimental Aviation Association member and has been flying his own custom built aircraft for years.

ZWheelz goal is to produce electric vehicle designs over a wide range of performance and price.  The vehicles can be customized to fit anyone's needs and will come in all sizes.  We believe that plug-in Electric Vehicles (EV's) are a key component on the path to clean air and U.S. energy independence.  They are suitable for 90% of America's daily driving and the technology exists today.

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As Ev's become more prevalent, the demand will increase even more.  We need to accelerate to the "tipping point" where clean transportation based on independent and renewable energy sources is the status quo. 
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Why Electric?

Internal combustion is dirty;  smog, leaking fluids and the whole oil industry process.  This is now a Global issue with much of the world looking toward electric solutions.  An electric car can be charged with the same amount of electricity that is used just to refine gasoline, and the rest of the entire oil exploration, extraction, spilling, transporting, and pumping process can be eliminated.  See and surf around there for a lot more information.

America's energy independence has become a major goal for the future, and business as usual for the big auto and oil industries is not taking us where we need to go.  Most of our oil is imported, and most has come from and will come from the middle east.  Our hard earned money is not being used to our benefit - the middle east has been the main source of war and terrorism.  In addition, big oil has had too much influence over our government - stop feeding the monsters.  Fossil fuels have peaked and polluted, it's time to move to clean renewable sources of energy. 

Electric vehicles have a very long life with very little maintenance.  With electricity being the equivalent of about 1/5th the cost of gas (or less), it makes cents at a personal level and even more at a national and global level.  Each year, we send about $300-400B out of our country for oil.  All that money could be kept in our economy.  Much more than that is spent when including money for defense to protect the oil sources and routes, on health care to pay for resulting health issues, and on monitoring, regulating and cleaning up the mess.    "We're better off buying foreign cars that run on U.S. electrons than buying U.S. cars that run on foreign oil."

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