A Day at SG - experimental aircraft at play
Below - Pelican kit airplane with Subaru car engine, and Airborne two-place trike.  Details of the Pelican build and Airborne rebuild, along with experimental aircraft information and general flying fun, will be added soon.  

Electric aircraft are making amazing progress and updates and info will also be posted here.
Low pass at SG after tailwheel conversion.
On left crosswind for runway 17 at SG.
Arriving at Oshkosh 2004!
One of the many fly-ins at local San Antonio airparks
Headed back up the bay - Jamestown on the left, Newport bridge, and Aquidneck Island.
Parked at Martha's Vineyard
One of many routine sunset flights around the islands.  Our house is right in the middle of the beaches and ponds.
A better view of Newport, Middletown and Jamestown.
The instrument panel finally completed (2003).
Headed out to Block Island
One of a handful of daring Young Eagles that I flew that day (RI 2004).  They all loved it.
Radiator placement.
Top view of Stratus Subaru EA-81 with Prince prop.
Converted to tailwheel, playing with vinyl graphics on tail.
Brand new hangar and airplane, well worth the years of build time.
Block Island off the wingtip.
Approaching Newport and Jamestown from out at sea.